17 Feb 2010

Viva La Revolution

The army is assembled, the agenda now clear, The Green Revolution has begun.

Episode 1 - Agents for Change

To make a difference and create change in the short time that we walk this earth, we must understand that the price of change is measured by our will and courage, our persistence, in the face of difficulty. If you believe that saying no will get you shot, well, what a fine way to go. 
You must be the change you want to see in the world. If blood is to be spilled to do it. Let it be our own.

Let me introduce you to my Family......

Name: Paul Tinton

A.K.A: Snowy

Age: 29

Skills: Sustainability Expert, Creative Genius

Paul's story starts in rural Surrey where he was born and raised. His father Steve came from humble upbringings, and when Labour took power, recieved one of the first grants to study at Cambridge University. This changed his destiny and Paul's forever.

Through travelling the world, Paul saw how different cultures live, act and function. On his return to London, it dauned on him how the diabolical environmental abuse was destroying England's beauty.

Over the next couple of years, Paul began to study the environment, climate change, future energy demands and sustainable business practice. In the process he stumbled upon an underworld of corrupt politicians and business leaders, who were quietly destroying our Earth in order to maximise profits. Paul had found his calling, and decided enough was enough.

He would build, finance and deploy a The Green Revolutionary army to stop the destruction of our planet.

16 Feb 2010

Laura Collisson- Beauty is a Distraction

Name: Laura Collisson
A.K.A: "The Lady"
Age: 22
Skillz: Deception, Co-Conspirator, Hostess, IT
Laura has been involved in The Green Revolution since it was founded in November 2006. She has successfully infiltrated major networks of Government, Construction industry leaders and key players in the secret world of major polluters.
In 2007, a plot was exposed by an inside leak and Laura was captured by "the old bill" and sentenced to 3 years in Holloway Women's Prison. Her involvement in trying to steal valuable resources from one of the five major construction companies and doing time in one of Britain's worst prisons has given her more motivation than ever.

4 Feb 2010

Name: Fenyvessy Csaba Krisztian
A.K.A: Chubba
Age: 34
Skills: Ex-Army, Covert Operations
Not much is known of Chubba's childhood. Some say he was born in a military institution in Hungary and was bred for one purpose....war. What we do know is that he assasinated all of his senior commanders as he could not stand the devastation that he had been forced to create.

Chubba went into hiding. He assumed the role of a chauffeur in Hungary going undetected by the military spies that were searching for him. By 2008, they were getting too close, and to avoid capture, he had no choice but to flee the country. With Hungary now a part of the EU, he walked with passport in hand through Austria, Germany and France to Calais where he hid on a Marks and Spencer's lorry heading for London.
Chubba came into contact with Paul, who realised his potential for The Green Revolution. He explained what good he could do to repent for his crimes to humanity that were still haunting him. He assumed the role of Materials Manager at Prowaste Management Services.

Name: Jason Bremridge
A.K.A: "Harry Potter"
Age: 40
Skills: Jack of all trades, Master of none
Jason, born and raised on the grimey streets of Croydon, lacked any real motivation as a child. Later in his life he was diagnosed with a medical condition explaining his short focus, Narcolepsy.
Jason has the potential to fall asleep at any time and his nickname Harry Potter came from his ability to disappear into his magical dreamstate at any point. Once he was caught, mid-getaway, asleep on the roadside with the "loot" still in his vehicle. When the police woke him up he had no idea what they were talking about.
After a brief stint in Broadmoor Hospital, he realised that pollution was his trigger for Narcolepsy and the only way to solve his health issues was to sign up to The Green Revolution and change his destiny. He assumed the role of Driver No.2 at Prowaste Management Services.
Name: Ronnie Higgs

A.K.A: The Rocket
Age: 44

Skills: Getaway Driver, Ex-Street Fighter, Converted Pacifist

Ronnie was born and bred in inner-city London. His upbringing was tough and he learnt young that you make your own destiny by doing whatever it takes to provide for you and yours. By the time Ronnie was a teenager, he was notorious on the streets of South London.

He was corrupted by the crime syndicates young and became 'the man to fear'. After one too many battles and being kidnapped by a rival firm, Ronnie was captured and tortured within an inch of his life. Rather than responding with force, he took the beating as a sign from above to change his ways.

Ronnie made the committment to clean up the streets of London, understanding that this would be the best way to change the mind set of inner-city youth. He committed to The Green Revolution in November 2006, and assumed the role of Driver No.1 for Prowaste Management Services.

Name: Martin Toye
A.K.A: The Mechanic
Age: 23
Skills: Engineering Genius, IT,
Martin is the product of a typical inbred Norfolk family. He was raised in a tiny hamlet with only one child of similar age within 100 miles. His father, a senior RAF engineer, taught Martin about engineering before he took his first steps.
Martin spent his youth in a garage in Sustad, an unknown and remote location in the deepest darkest Norfolk broads. He honed his skills to become one of the country's leading vehicle engineers.
Martin has a personality disorder called psychosis caused from heavy drug abuse in his teenage years. He was in and out of youth detention centres where he first witnessed inner-city pollution. On his return to Norfolk he realised he had a greater calling and committed to The Green Revolution. He signed up and assumed the role of Transport Manager at Prowaste Management Services.

Name: Filip Gierlinski
A.K.A: Filski
Age: 33
Skillz: Multi-lingual, Media Expert, Creative Activist
Filip emmigrated to the UK at the age of 6 from Warsaw, Poland. His mother and father were conspirators in overturning the communist regime. Born with the understanding that a fight worth fighting is worth fighting for whatever the cost.
Filip has managed to conceal his identity by hiding behind his camera lens and identifying and photographing potential targets throughout London and the UK.
Filip committed whole-heartedly to The Green Revolution in June 2008. He took on the role of Creative Consultant at Prowaste Management Services as a cover.