17 Feb 2010

Name: Paul Tinton

A.K.A: Snowy

Age: 29

Skills: Sustainability Expert, Creative Genius

Paul's story starts in rural Surrey where he was born and raised. His father Steve came from humble upbringings, and when Labour took power, recieved one of the first grants to study at Cambridge University. This changed his destiny and Paul's forever.

Through travelling the world, Paul saw how different cultures live, act and function. On his return to London, it dauned on him how the diabolical environmental abuse was destroying England's beauty.

Over the next couple of years, Paul began to study the environment, climate change, future energy demands and sustainable business practice. In the process he stumbled upon an underworld of corrupt politicians and business leaders, who were quietly destroying our Earth in order to maximise profits. Paul had found his calling, and decided enough was enough.

He would build, finance and deploy a The Green Revolutionary army to stop the destruction of our planet.

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