4 Feb 2010

Name: Fenyvessy Csaba Krisztian
A.K.A: Chubba
Age: 34
Skills: Ex-Army, Covert Operations
Not much is known of Chubba's childhood. Some say he was born in a military institution in Hungary and was bred for one purpose....war. What we do know is that he assasinated all of his senior commanders as he could not stand the devastation that he had been forced to create.

Chubba went into hiding. He assumed the role of a chauffeur in Hungary going undetected by the military spies that were searching for him. By 2008, they were getting too close, and to avoid capture, he had no choice but to flee the country. With Hungary now a part of the EU, he walked with passport in hand through Austria, Germany and France to Calais where he hid on a Marks and Spencer's lorry heading for London.
Chubba came into contact with Paul, who realised his potential for The Green Revolution. He explained what good he could do to repent for his crimes to humanity that were still haunting him. He assumed the role of Materials Manager at Prowaste Management Services.

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