4 Feb 2010

Name: Jason Bremridge
A.K.A: "Harry Potter"
Age: 40
Skills: Jack of all trades, Master of none
Jason, born and raised on the grimey streets of Croydon, lacked any real motivation as a child. Later in his life he was diagnosed with a medical condition explaining his short focus, Narcolepsy.
Jason has the potential to fall asleep at any time and his nickname Harry Potter came from his ability to disappear into his magical dreamstate at any point. Once he was caught, mid-getaway, asleep on the roadside with the "loot" still in his vehicle. When the police woke him up he had no idea what they were talking about.
After a brief stint in Broadmoor Hospital, he realised that pollution was his trigger for Narcolepsy and the only way to solve his health issues was to sign up to The Green Revolution and change his destiny. He assumed the role of Driver No.2 at Prowaste Management Services.

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