4 Feb 2010

Name: Ronnie Higgs

A.K.A: The Rocket
Age: 44

Skills: Getaway Driver, Ex-Street Fighter, Converted Pacifist

Ronnie was born and bred in inner-city London. His upbringing was tough and he learnt young that you make your own destiny by doing whatever it takes to provide for you and yours. By the time Ronnie was a teenager, he was notorious on the streets of South London.

He was corrupted by the crime syndicates young and became 'the man to fear'. After one too many battles and being kidnapped by a rival firm, Ronnie was captured and tortured within an inch of his life. Rather than responding with force, he took the beating as a sign from above to change his ways.

Ronnie made the committment to clean up the streets of London, understanding that this would be the best way to change the mind set of inner-city youth. He committed to The Green Revolution in November 2006, and assumed the role of Driver No.1 for Prowaste Management Services.

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