4 Feb 2010

Name: Martin Toye
A.K.A: The Mechanic
Age: 23
Skills: Engineering Genius, IT,
Martin is the product of a typical inbred Norfolk family. He was raised in a tiny hamlet with only one child of similar age within 100 miles. His father, a senior RAF engineer, taught Martin about engineering before he took his first steps.
Martin spent his youth in a garage in Sustad, an unknown and remote location in the deepest darkest Norfolk broads. He honed his skills to become one of the country's leading vehicle engineers.
Martin has a personality disorder called psychosis caused from heavy drug abuse in his teenage years. He was in and out of youth detention centres where he first witnessed inner-city pollution. On his return to Norfolk he realised he had a greater calling and committed to The Green Revolution. He signed up and assumed the role of Transport Manager at Prowaste Management Services.

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